Friday, April 3, 2009

From the dead (1-8) (2-8)

Many of you you have asked for a new complete story. It's funny: you ask for it by private e-mail but you don't use the commentaries in the blog. Last Wednesday there were 240 visits and even not a single commentary. You are very shy... I'll close again the comments.
Anyway: there are holidays in my hometown and I'm going to spend my free time with my family. So, I'll post today two pages of the Sage's first comic-book. You have seen some samples in previous posts, but now I am going to show the complete 8 pages.

Sage was drawn in a big format. Paper was bigger than a A-3. The reproduction size was so small that a lot of lines were deformed and mixed. At the time, I was very influenced by Luis García's artwork (you can take a look to his superb genius here), so I was using a lot of line artwork instead of big black masses. Probably, if I had to redraw this stuff I won't use the same style. But I was so satisfied with it at that time.

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