Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sounds of Hell

A couple pages for Avatar Press' Hellina #0.
I was credited as Loren Hernández (it is my second surname).
This one was my first job for the USA market.
By the way: I don´t have this issue. If someone can send me some copies, I'll be very grateful.


Jaime Martinez said...

Hola Loren
Muy buenas páginas, y como se nota que sabes dibujar mujeronas,jeje
Cuanto hace de este, tu primer trabajo para USA?
un placer ver tus lápices una vez más, crack
nos leemos

Blogrente said...

Saludos, Jaime. Estas páginas creo recordar que fueron dibujadas en noviembre/diciembre de 2002, aunque se publicaron a principios de 2003. Antes decía muy campanudo que eran las primeras páginas profesionales dibujadas para USA, pero ahora creo recordar que hice algunas antes para Treshold, también en Avatar. El problema, como siempre, es que no tengo los originales ni tampoco copia de los números donde se publicaron... Suele pasar bastante a menudo.
Nos vemos en tu blog. O en este. O en los dos.

Juanjo RyP said...

Hey, Loren!
Do you admit comments again? Great!
Thank you to allow it, I will be here often.
Well, of the pages of Hellina, they are very beautiful, but the character produces me headache... I made too many covers of her!
By the way, I look for you this comic book and I will send to you, I think that I've some. ok?

Blogrente said...

Great RyP! Good to see you again. Let's give a try to the comments again. I know about the headaches doing some covers about characters that you may know from nothing. But they're always a good test to put your imagination on working.
If you can find this issue, it'll be great. In fact, I have nothing from Avatar except what I've bought abroad. I think the editor forgot to send me some comic-books drawn by me.