Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's in his kiss

I really love in this page the kiss sequence. I think that it appears in a natural, simply way, but at the same time it reflects the disgust that she feels on being kissed (you can almost feel devil's tongue in her mouth, but as the old song says "hug him and squeeze him tight. Find out what you want to know If it's love, if it really is, It's there: in his kiss").
The last panel is pure Giger.
I wouldn't like that he was decorating my house...


Jaime Martinez said...

Esta pagina es muyy completita si señor. La narrativa esta muy guapa y me gustan los fondos muchisimo ;)
Eres un crack
un abrazo señor

Blogrente said...

Sobre los fondos: son una mezcla entre Giger y Dark City. En aquella época acababa de salir de dibujar Mool para MegaMultimedia, donde exprimí al fondo esa imaginería, y aún me quedaban cosas por mostrar.

Abrazos, artista!