Sunday, March 21, 2010

Best shot

Another example from Mool. I emphasize the best shot of the entire page.
In this series I used a lot of brush, although not my favorite tool for drawing and I've never really felt comfortable with it. But I really like the contrast between the thicknes of lines that it provides.
I take this opportunity to inform you that last week José González died, one of the best spanish cartoonists and illustrators. Perhaps you know his Vampirella, but there are a lot of work that you should seek to understand the greatness of this artist.


MDIAZ said...

menos mal que fue una de las pocas serie de THE REALM que se completó y no quedó cortada con el cierre de las revistas

Blogrente said...

Hola, Manuel! Tienes razón: no quedó cortada como otras series, pero como ya he dicho en alguna otra entrada, el final fue bastante apresurado y tuvimos que condensar 3 capítulos en uno solo, lo que redundó en la legibilidad del conjunto. Con todo, me siento muy satisfecho y orgulloso de Mool. Gracias por seguirnos y por comentar. Abrazos!

Juez Perez said...

Great inking work! Great to see all this stuff, my friend!!!

Cromsblood said...

Hi Loren! You wouldn't happen to have your Conan story "Mil Dioses y un solo cielo" that appeared in Sword so many years ago? I would love the chance to see it and translate it for us English only speaking fans.

Blogrente said...

Hi, Cromsblood! Sure thing: I can look for that old old pages. I can't tell you what I'm gonna find: the original pages or photocopies of some old magazine. In any case, I'll post them for you to see.
Greetings, my friend!