Sunday, April 11, 2010

In a Dark Hole

This is one of my favorite pages from whole Mool series.
In fact, it's the fourth page of the first chapter, and I was very excited to translate graphically many of the ideas I had in mind about this character.
I remember that at that time I saw the film Dark City, by Alex Proyas, and I was very surprised and admired by its aesthetics (and for the great soundtrack too!).
So probably part of the paraphernalia of this temple can come from my admiration for that film.


Jaime Martinez said...

Todo soberbio pero la viñeta final es increiblemente completa. Realmente te mete dentro de la atmosfera.
Preciosa pagina, en serio
enhorabuena y gracias por compartirla con los demas

Blogrente said...

Pues, como siempre, agradecido por tus comentarios, amigo Jaime. Cosas así animan a seguir colgando páginas. Abrazos!