Sunday, December 13, 2009

An old man and his beast

When we finished the Mool series (abruptly, I must say, because the magazine changed its format and we had to summarize 16 pages in just 8), my brother and I created a premise for a new series: Elder and Roc.
You have already seen a couple of pages of this first chapter, but this time I will post the whole 8 full pages. The quality of reproduction is medium, as I only can find scanned copies in black and white in a very poor resolution.
P.s:- All the blank space above the first page was reserved for the title and logo...


Jaime Martinez said...

Que pasada de planificacion de planos y de tranajo en las texturas. De verdad estas dos paginas son la releche.
Enhorabuena de nuevo master

Blogrente said...

Te quedo muy agradecido por el comentario, amigo Jaime, ya que ambos sabemos de lo que hablamos y del trabajo que puede significar escoger tan solo el encuadre adecuado. Gracias por seguir de cerca el blog.